QUASaR – Quantitative Strategies and Research

QUASaR - Quantitative Strategies and Research

Founded in 2011 by Antonio Mele, a Professor of Finance, QUASaR (Quantitative Strategies and Research) is an LL company based in Lugano, Switzerland, specialising in security design and investment decision making, automated market making mechanisms, and art pricing & indexing.

During the 2010s, the firm main activities have centered around the development of intellectual property for the immediate benefit of financial market participants. The firm has teamed up with Chicago Board Options Exchange for the purpose of creating a suite of indexes tracking forward looking volatility in fixed income markets as well as related tradable products. These indexes and products, known as Fixed Income VIX, are the fixed income counterpart to the equity VIX.

Please send enquiries to Antonio Mele: antonio.mele@quasarquant.com